National Fertilizers Limited (NFL), a Government of India Undertaking under administrative control of Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, has issued tenders for importing 25000 MT of Muriate of Potash (MOP) at East Coasts during March 2017.

NFL has an annual Urea production capacity of 3.56 Million Tonnes and is the second largest producer of Urea in India. NFL is also engaged in production and marketing of Bio-Fertilizers, Compost and Allied Industrial Products like Ammonia, Nitric Acid etc. Government of India and the Indian Fertilizer Industry are coordinating to achieve the goal of improving soil fertility through balanced fertilizer usage and maintaining the ideal NPK ratio in soil. As an initiative to the cause of improving soil health, NFL has started marketing of other fertilizers like DAP, MOP & NPK. NFL intends to import more fertilizers in the coming years.

The tender document is available on the NFL’s website  under ‘Open Tender’ category on 18.02.2017, on Central Public Procurement Portal  –  and

The closing date of the tender is 28.02.2017, 1100 hrs IST.


Source: Embassy of India, Rabat